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All the tools you need to run your business


All the tools you need to run your business

Go beyond just having a standard management software. Our customer relationship management system will allow you to register your customers, give them updates about the status of their service, generate and send coupons to increase the amount of returning customers, get feedback, reviews, and much more!All of this while also having a completely integrated system with payments, marketing, and customer service.

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Accept payments however your customers want to pay

Our integrated Point of Sale system allows you to stop worrying about accepting payments and frees your time to let you do what you do best, run your business.

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payments Payments Accept payments by phone or in-person.
no hidden fees No Hidden fees Clear and transparent pricing, no hidden fees.
free terminal Free Terminal Free terminal for
qualifying businesses.
no contracts No Contracts No contracts or
cancellation fees.
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Grow your business with our marketing solutions

Grow your customer base and increase your customer return rate with tailored marketing campaigns for your business. With just a couple of clicks send coupons via SMS to your frequent customers or send a promo for new clients. Our average business owner increases their monthly revenue anywhere between 20% to 50% when implementing SMS marketing campaigns. All of our software and tools can be white-labeled for your business, in order to maintain brand consistency within your clients.

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Get direct feedback from your customer

Allow your customers to provide you with internal feedback on your services. Get immediately notified when negative feedback occurs and fix it on the fly by communicating directly with the customer and offering a free car wash or any other type of promo.

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Hire the right talent based on proven work history data

Forget going to Craigslist or any other job posting websites. Our system gives you the flexibility to hire any employee that has worked within our network in the past. All the data you need at your fingertips.

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human resources
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mr pro


Enterprise Resource Planning

For big businesses or multi-location, synchronizing processes is key. Mcarw's ERP connects various departments like finance, HR, operations, and marketing. Our system centralizes data, optimizes workflows, and offers real-time insights for decision-making.


Flexible Subscription Plans

Flexible subscriptions to suit diverse business models and budgets. Choose features and services that match your needs with our scalable solutions, guaranteeing cost-efficiency and adaptability during business growth.
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Wide Range of Industries

Our services cater to various industries beyond car washes. Our customizable platforms address unique industry needs, optimizing operations, streamlining processes, and enhancing customer experiences.
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Residential Buildings
  • And more
  • WHY US?

    More than just a car wash management software

    All our car wash owners see significant growth in their operations by using our software, most of them are operating their businesses from their phones. By having more free time and more revenue, it only leads them to the most logical next step; to expand their business.

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