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Supplier Management System

Mcarw's software includes a user-friendly POS system for car wash owners. It tracks supplies, allows direct reordering, and automatically alerts suppliers for delivery or pickup. Payments are easy with credit cards, Zelle, or cash. The system supports scanner sales and enables suppliers to order from wholesalers, updating inventory instantly.

automated customer database


Don't Let Your Supplies Get Low

Low supplies can disrupt a car wash business and disappoint customers. Mcarw's "Smart Inventory Management System" prevents stock depletion through automatic reordering, ensuring continuous service and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Optimize your business

Also Beneficial for Wholesale

Our system also benefits wholesalers of car wash supplies. They can directly order from their accounts, updating their retail inventory seamlessly. This promotes accurate tracking and efficient transactions, optimizing the wholesaling business..


Direct Access From Your POS System

This feature is integrated into the POS system, enabling easy access and supply reordering. It saves busy owners time, automating time-consuming tasks and allowing them to focus on business growth and management. This convenience transforms inventory management into a smooth, automated process.

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