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Our Story

We started as a web design company making websites for different types of businesses. After selling our investment property, we decided to invest in a small business that would give us the most profit. After some research about margins and profits, we found an old hand car wash with low overhead costs of supplies which gave it great potential for success. But, unfortunately, after purchasing the place, dirty towels everywhere and terrible customer service all over everything made our lives more difficult than ever before!

We started the business with new equipment and employees but soon realized some salespeople were stealing from us. They either weren't giving good customer service, or they worked around Square's POS system to steal money from the company. So we decided we needed a better way to manage inventory so it wouldn't happen anymore!

We saw an even more significant business opportunity, and we chose to explore it. We began developing software for car washes that would allow the manager of a small business complete control over their employees (and thus help prevent theft), save money on supplies with better inventory tracking, improve customer service overall--all while giving owners remote access from anywhere

Now that we have major car washes using our software, we started implementing new features to solve any possible operational problem a hand car wash owner may encounter.


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More than just a car wash management software

All our car wash owners see significant growth in their operations by using our software, most of them are operating their businesses from their phones. By having more free time and more revenue, it only leads them to the most logical next step; to expand their business.

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