Customer Ask US – How Mcarw will increase our sales?

It takes 5 times more money to acquire a new customer compare to retaining an existing one. The most cost-effective way to increase your revenue is by getting your existing customers to spend more.


1. Get customers to spend more each time they visit.

Giving bonuses to your managers who upselling your service will increase your revenue. Mcarw monitors all managers performance, using that data you can create intensive programs to encourage managers upsell your services.

2. Get customers to visit more often.

Did you know what 90% of your customers are visiting less when 4 times each year?
If you can make them come back just 1 more time, you will increase your revenue by 25%. Utilizing mcarw SMS coupons program will entice them to visit your car wash again and again.

Is there cancelation fee, if I decide to cancel?

There is no cancelation fee.

Is there contract to use mcarw?

There is contract we require to sign after trial. Contact is just, for assure members we will not increase your subscription fee for next 4 years, and after 4 years increase can be no more when inflation rate after 4 years

Why should I change my current POS to mcarw?

If you are hand car wash of detailing shop when mcarw is your ultimate solution. Mcarw build specifically to solve hand car wash operation problems.