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white label solutions


Our software with your colors, logo and business name

All of our systems and software that we provide can be white-labeled with your branding in order to maintain brand consistency across all of your business. We design your service menu, your business cards and list your business on Google Maps, all completely free of charge.

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sms campaigns


Instantly send coupons via text message

With text message marketing campaigns you can easily increase your customer return rate by 10 - 12%, which will result in a 20% to 50% in revenue for your business. We based our numbers on the results our existing business owners are getting with our campaigns. Easily set up automated rules to send discount coupons to first-time customers.

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Get another source of revenue by advertising local business

Our system has a feature that allows business owners to generate another source of passive income by advertising local businesses within the software. It works by placing a small banner above the receipt of your customers and advertising local businesses near your business.

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Inside app advertising
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Your reputation is key to the success of your business

Get instant feedback from your customers so that you can know how your employees and overall business are performing. Don't just let angry customers walk away, any negative review will instantly notify the business owner so that it can be addressed and fixed right away.

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More than just a car wash management software

All our car wash owners see significant growth in their operations by using our software, most of them are operating their businesses from their phones. By having more free time and more revenue, it only leads them to the most logical next step; to expand their business.

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