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Monitor your inventory use across your
entire business

With our inventory reporting, you will always know exactly how much you have in inventory, what the costs were and when you need to replenish your supplies. Don't just guess how much your products are costing you, get an exact report and clearly understand your hard costs.

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Lower cost


Know your hard costs to the penny

Our system automatically calculates for you your hard costs based on your inventory. Understanding your costs and gross margin is essential to the success of your business. Stop playing a guessing game and get exactly the costs of everything in order to properly determine your profitability.

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Run a tight ship by having access to all your data at your fingertips

Always know all your costs, margins, and profits without requiring you to do difficult calculations. With our software, you will have all the metrics you need at the tip of your fingertips.

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Optimize your business
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Get a breakdown of your sales every week

Seamlessly compare the performance of your business week over week. Know exactly how your promotions impacted the revenue of your business while determining the success of your marketing initiatives.

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Detailed sales report
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More than just a car wash management software

All our car wash owners see significant growth in their operations by using our software, most of them are operating their businesses from their phones. By having more free time and more revenue, it only leads them to the most logical next step; to expand their business.

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