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Take payments


Take payments over the phone or in person

With our Point of Sale System, you're able to take payments however your customers want to pay. No need to worry about forms of payments anymore, accept payments over the phone, in person, or using Apple Pay.

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No contracts


We are not like the others. we don't believe in contracts

Most of the other Point of Sale companies out there lock you in long-term contracts that force you to stay with them regardless of how satisfied or unsatisfied you are. Manage Car Wash, doesn't believe in that, if you don't like what we have to offer, you're free to leave, no hard feelings.

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What people say about our company?


We put our best foot forward we don't hide fees period

Not only are you not locked into a long-term contract, but we also don't have hidden fees like cancellation fees. We believe in transparency, all of our pricing models are clear and we even offer a wide range of programs for you to choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Business Management
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Stop paying to process credit cards

With our Reward Pay program, you pass on your credit card processing fee to the customer allowing you to keep up to 70% of your revenue. Most customers don't care to pay for the small additional cents and for you as a business owner, it means increasing your bottom line significantly.

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More than just a car wash management software

All our car wash owners see significant growth in their operations by using our software, most of them are operating their businesses from their phones. By having more free time and more revenue, it only leads them to the most logical next step; to expand their business.

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